Historical Sites and Scenic Sports of Counties and Districts in Datong

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Xinrong District2017-01-10

Xinrong DistrictXinrong District was established in 1970, it is one of the last established among the counties and districts of Datong. Located on the northern boundary of Shanxi Province, Xingrong District, Fengzhen City and Liangcheng Cit... detailed+

Zuoyun County2017-01-10

Zuoyun County is located on the Loess Plato. To its east is Datong City, to its west is Youyu County, to its south is Suozhou City, to its north is Hohhot City. Zuoyun has over 2,200 years history. Zuoyun town was added to the list of the s... detailed+

Tianzhen County2017-01-10

Tianzhen CountyLocated in the very north of Shanxi Province, Tianzhen County is 80 Kilometers from Datong. In the reign of Emperor Shunzhi (1625-1661) in the Qing Dynasty, Tiancheng Military Station and Zhenlu Military Station were integrat... detailed+

Yanggao County2017-01-10

Yanggao CountyLocated in the northeast of Datong, Yanggao County is 50 kilometers to the west of the City. Yanggao County has more than 2,300 years history. But one hundred thousand years ago in the middle of Paleolithic (or Old Stone) Age,... detailed+

Datong County2017-01-10

Datong County28 kilometers from urban Datong City, Datong County is located to the east of the City. The most famous natural landscapes of Datong County are Datong Volcanoes National Geological Park which enjoys a reputation as a ‘natural ... detailed+

Guangling County2017-01-10

Guangling County120 kilometers from Datong's urban center, Guanglinng County is located to the northeast of Datong. Enjoying a reputation for lush southern scenery found beyond the Great Wall, there are 25 natural landscapes and 132 human l... detailed+

Lingqiu County2017-01-10

Lingqiu CountyLocated in the  extreme southeast of Datong, Lingqiu County is bounded on the southeast  by Laiyuan County, Yuxian County and Fuping County of Hebei Province and it has a profound history.  Lingqiu is named... detailed+

Hunyuan County2017-01-10

Hunyuan CountyHunyuan County is located to the south of Datong City and 60 kilometers from Datong’s urban center. The history of Hunyuan County can be dated back to the Western Han Dynasty and the name of the county ‘Hunyuan’ was fo... detailed+

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